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President’s Message

The  great pleasure is to always  come together as one big UCU family, a place that acted as cross roads to a lot of memories that we shared despite the course nor the  year  you graduated in.

The big family we became must not only boost for our institutions pride but also it’s glory as the center of Excellency within the Region.

The Association’s inclusion in the lives of its members ranging from networking, contributions and condolences just creates a unique aspect that leaves the Association’s image recognized within society.

Through taking part in the alumni association and its activities, you will be able to cultivate your abilities. In order to reach our maximum glory, we have decided to embrace technology in order to ease our Networking, connecting and follow-ups of  you, our  Alumni.

Through our Social Media handles and website we are to increase our publicity as well as enhancing communication and transparency. Hopefully, this will turn into a place where we can share ideas, discuss opportunities, and create a network to manifest our full potentials

 By celebrating you  through writing your stories and sharing them on our social media handles and website, giving history of our university  as well as updating you on any event or news that has happened to relate with the memories.

We hope to build a community to help better utilise your skill set, stay on top of the latest trends, keep a pulse on the job market, meet prospective mentors, partners and clients


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