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About Us

’Our Family UCU Our Pride’’ is the Uganda Christian University (UCU) Alumni Association motto that justifies the establishment of the Association back in 1997. The Association derives its mandate and functions from the Alumni Constitution that was passed in 2011.

In spite- being founded under the strong Christian moral roots, the Association’s main agenda is always to connect, communicate and welcome all the then students of the University as one big family

The Association Executive leadership (20 members) runs for three-years with a strategic plan that provides policy direction and repositioning, which contributes to the achievement of its goals and enhances faster development of the University within its budget.

This enables the association to improve service delivery to both the students and alumni through appropriate financial policies and plans that enhance our performance in terms of providing better services continuously and on a sustainable basis.

Background of the Association

In 1997, Bishop Tucker Theological College was renamed the Uganda Christian University and the pioneer graduates were in 2000. With the strong desire to promote Christian Faith and Unity amidst the students’ family of Uganda Christian University, an Alumni Association was formed upon a Christian background and recognized in 2000 under “Our Family UCU Our Pride (God the beginning and the end)” thereby commencing with selection and meeting of members, specifically, the pioneer graduate students at the time. This later saw the constitution of the Alumni Association passed in 2011. With awareness of a common heritage, the association recognized the need for continued mutual support and cooperation and as well, realized the need to play a collective role in development of University policies and influencing society hence committing to contribute to the growth and development of Uganda Christian University spiritually, intellectually, morally, materially, and socially.


To foster the wellbeing, growth and development of Uganda Christian University and its Alumni throughpartnering with the University and its Friends towards creating a life time Christian legacy


Alpha and Omega, God the Beginning and the End


Partnering for an excellent legacy


The aims and objectives of the Association shall be to:
(a) Promote amongst the alumni a spirit of institutional ownership and interest in and respect for Uganda Christian University.
(b) Generate objective dialogue geared towards enhancing the academic standards and performance, research, community engagement and institutional development among its members and with the university.
(c) Promote, protect and maintain the interests and rights of the members of the Association
(d) Participate in planning and fund-raising for the Association and the University.
(e) Initiate development projects aimed at generating income for the Association and the University.
(f) To take interest in the governance, administration and academic interests of the University in a bid to enhance the good image of the University and build cordial community and business interests for the benefit of the University and the Association.
(g) To inculcate among the members the values the University stands for and develop a sense of social responsibility, accountability and unity.
(h) Establish avenues through which members can participate fully in national issues, reforms, projects, programmes and other areas of interest.
(i) Establish an efficient network through which the Secretariat will be able to keep in touch with all members globally.
(j) Affiliate or collaborate with similar national and international associations for purposes of advancing positions that mutually benefit the Education sector and such associations.
(k) Support student life at the University through scholarships, awards, mentorships, internships, job placements, and other activities for the advancement of a superior student experience at UCU.
(l) To do all such things and activities that are incidental or conducive to attainment of the above objectives and deemed to be in the interest of the Association members and are consistent with the values and the objectives of the Association.

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