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NIRA officials (sitting before computers) serve applicants at UCU recently. By Derrick Brian MudukuThe National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA) has hired some 50 interns from Uganda Christian University (UCU) to help in processing and issuing of the national identity cards (ID) to students and neighbors of the university. The interns started the assignment with...
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Maria Aloyo poses with one of her products. Story and Photos by Eriah LuleSometimes, ideas that end up transforming communities are borne out of ordinary incidents. Take the example of Maria Aloyo. Who would have thought a burning candle during a Catholic Mass would send business ideas into anyone’s mind? It did to Aloyo, in...
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Jimmy Siyasa, pictured with his mom, was among the graduates at UCU’s 22nd graduation ceremony By Nickie KaritasRecent Uganda Christian University (UCU) graduate Jimmy Siyasa didn’t wait to have a degree in hand before applying what he learned in his journalism program. And it has paid off – in experience and money to support his...
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Jonathan Mbabazi at the UCU main campus on the day he picked up his academic regalia before the graduation
Jonathan Mbabazi at the UCU main campus on the day he picked up his academic regalia before the graduation By Yasiri J. KasangoA business degree was not Jonathan Mbabazi’s first choice for his post-secondary studies. He had his eyes on medicine, envisioning a career of restoring health to patients. However, when preparing to apply for...
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Johnson Mayamba, UCU alum and human rights activist By Patty Huston-HolmBe careful little eyes what you see…ears what you hear…tongue what you say…hands what you do… This children’s song based on Mark 4:24-25, popular in America today and written in 1956, likely wasn’t known in Uganda when Johnson Mayamba was growing up. Nevertheless, the words ring true...
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Boss John Bruce is the new Guild President for the Uganda Law Development Centre. By Ivan TsebeniBoss John Bruce, an alumnus of Uganda Christian University (UCU), has been elected the Guild President of Uganda’s Law Development Centre (LDC). In the elections held on November 8, Bruce garnered 69% of the votes cast, beating off a...
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