Uganda Christian University (UCU) is this year now celebrating twenty years of academic excellence. It is not a mean achievement and we say bravo to everybody who has laid a brick on our students’ education accomplishments, thank you.

As the students go out into the world, here is a peek into some unacceptable office manners that they should avoid:

Announcing your victories: I have worked with several people who made it known to everyone around them when they solved a problem; from shouting to doing a special victory dance! This is not only annoying but it can be demoralizing when your co-workers are not as successful as you.

Abusing trust and backstabbing: Many people misuse privileges more than you would imagine. Remember privileges can easily be taken away. This is often the case when those privileges are misused, so do not abuse others’ trust.

Gossiping: It is a work cancer that eats up every organization, private or public, big or small! Gossip is just not good.

Do not leave a mess around you: When you make a mess, try to clean it up. This should be the case from the top employee to the bottom one.  

Be accommodative: It is amazing to find cliques at workplaces based on political, social, economic, even religious grounds. Cliques should be avoided. They separate teams and make those participating look childish.

Smoking: Smoking may seem okay to some, but it deserves mention on the not-to-do list of workplace habits. Respect those around you who do not smoke and who may have asthma or severe allergies.

Never lie to appear or look good: Exaggeration of qualifications and profiles is a crime. The truth will be found eventually and remember small lies hurt you in big ways.

Late coming: Watch out for this as it is ground for termination. Whenever you are late you are not just wasting your time, but the time of anyone who depends upon you at your place of work.

Loud personal calls: It is true some calls are nasty, but that does not mean you have to subject everyone else to your drama. The office is not a place to battle with whoever you have problems with.

Misuse of a smartphone: I like technology, but I am also uncomfortable with employees taking “selfies” or using social media during work hours. This dents customer care and services.

Being a glory taker: Always give credit where it is due. When you steal those wins from others, you are surely disrespecting them.

All the best in your workplaces!