I recently interfaced with a student who had missed a first class degree by 0.2 points. On asking why he performed that way, he intimated that he simply did not do his best.

I was reminded of a former colleague who had been nicknamed “maintenance”. Whoever greeted him, he responded with a lukewarm statement, “I am maintaining”. He was just maintaining everything about him!

How often do employees work for the sake of it? Do you do your best or only work to sustain your portfolio, your social media profiles and so on?

As you aim at reinventing yourself, do your best and look out for the following behavioral cues that will indicate whether you are doing your best or not:

Do you manage your personal brand?

You are a brand that must be marketed. Because you offer a service, learn to market and manage your personal brand. This is not a self-promotion campaign but one aimed at excellence in all you do.

Be engaged

Do you pay close attention to work? Weigh your excitement with new responsibilities and engagement with your colleagues. Take it upon yourself to be collaborative, or else you will be lost in the clouds, working fewer hours and only doing just enough to get through the day.

Think beyond the obvious

Start thinking beyond the obvious and stop playing it too safe at work, in fear of losing your job.

Take initiative

Take the lead on assigned errands. Inspire others to follow you. Avoid being a follower and be a leader by taking initiative and be connected with other people.

Invest in yourself

Have you noticed that some of your colleagues are really focused on success and achievement? They are quite active when it comes to investing in developing their skills and careers. Whenever you stop investing in yourself, it is a signal that you have lost your drive to become a high performer.  


Do not take shortcuts

At the onset of becoming complacent, you will be tempted to take shortcuts in your work. If you are not as thorough or detailed oriented as you once were, it is wrong to believe that your positive reputation gives you permission to be lazy.

Take risks

In today’s workplace, everyone is at risk because if you want to be sought out, discovered in your career, be courageous enough to take risks. Then take well-calculated risks so that you advance in your career.

Do not lose your passion

When you begin to lose your passion for your responsibilities, and no longer get excited about your work, it is time to have a conversation with yourself about what you want to do next, and how to improve. 

Have a positive attitude

You could be unhappy with where your career journey has taken you. Confront the situation and deal with it before you flood the organization with that attitude.  

Do not lose hope

Whenever you lose hope for a brighter future, then you have reached the bottom and desperately need guidance. Seek help, but do not give up.