It is not uncommon for people in organizations to continually apply for jobs when fully employed. And the job hunting process begins just after employment or renewal of contracts. They are always asking: when will I get a new job?

It is a common phenomenon that career people feel the urge and need to be elsewhere.

However, to increase job satisfaction and productivity where you are now, consider the following:

Improve communication

Incidences of poor communication tend to leave a gap for imagination and grapevine information sharing. Communicate issues in totality and provide a process of complete and attended-to feedback in the organization.

Avoid micromanagement

Micromanagement is an element in the present management, which is old school. I was told of a supervisor who literally opens office doors to ascertain the presence of his subordinates all the time. The art of delegation should be exercised without biasing or neglecting the ultimate responsibility.

Ensure job security

Personnel officers should ensure that all their employees have, to some extent, the required job security. Secure employees are more content than insecure ones, and their productivity is almost sure, thus ensuring enhanced job satisfaction.

Tame unpleasant co-workers

Human beings by nature are difficult people. Under this category includes the “I know it all”; those who think they know it all, and the “yes man”. Others are indifferent in everything while some still do nothing and such people cause job dissatisfaction to the extent of making others exit the company.

Ensure progress

Lack of progress not only causes boredom but also a loss of enthusiasm. Routine work causes stagnation in career development. Quite a number of people may be content with the same work they are doing even for over a decade but this calls for intervention from supervisors to ensure novelty and innovation.

Have confidence in the leadership

All efforts in the organization should be made to ensure confidence in leadership. Many corporate entities are zeroing in on capacity building training and retreats. These are a prerequisite for bonding and building confidence in leadership. The closer the relationship between the supervisor and subordinate, the more the productivity the company will achieve.

Provide tools and resources

For one to carry out any task, the tools thereof are necessary to increase efficiency and effectiveness, but also act as a catalyst for job satisfaction.

When the above conditions are met, people work better and job stress is reduced.

Similarly, in work relationships, there are times people need to be elsewhere. In a recent retreat, one facilitator mentioned that sometimes you need to be elsewhere. This could be internal or external.