The recently issued public service dress code made my colleagues and I extremely happy!

In the past week, I witnessed a scuffle between a student and the security personnel. The truth is that the student was skimpily clothed and was on the erroneous side of the law, which is unlike instances where the security personnel are to blame and act heartlessly to an extent.

On being denied entry to the university premises, she snubbed the security personnel and actually abused them in my presence. She said they lack an education and are further unaware of the trends in fashion!

Such rude behavior had me swing into action. I sought audience with the student and she told me she had a terrible day and to make matters worse, had a fight with her boyfriend. The story continued that her roomies had not picked her clothes from the lines, the power had not consulted her before cut-off, plus the lecturer had fixed a test that morning. Long story, I know! Is that not displacement of anger and a typical blame game?

Well, I insisted that she changes her dress before proceeding to class and to my surprise and pleasure, within 15 minutes she had changed into a corporate lady. Mission accomplished here.

Later in the week, I hosted friends of friends who were indecently dressed never mind that they were on their way from work. No sooner had they warmed the seats than relatives visited too. The generation gap was evident and I could tell how irritated my relatives were by the behavior and dress of the former group.

The above two scenarios encouraged me and made me proud of the UCU dress code. While public servants are busy whining about the new dress code guidelines, UCU alumni are smiling and welcoming the new entrants to the field of well-brought and well-dressed people.

Even though the university administration continues to struggle with students to implement our dress code, it is time and effort well spent.