Finalist Career week is a week committed to preparing finalists as they exit university, it focuses on the issues in the corporate world, and connections between higher education, employability, and sustainability.

Career Week takes a practical, solutions-based approach and concentrates on key issues including the entrepreneurship, life skills, corporate environment, and financial management, with the long-term goal of transforming lives.

It is a unique forum that brings together the finalists of different faculties and is committed to preparing them to address the economic, social and governance challenges of globalization among others. The week provides a setting where different stakeholders compare experiences, seek answers to common problems and identify good practice.

The week is engaged in key issues concerning graduates and also seeks to develop and review practices to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of graduates, and the fair play with which their education is valued. It focuses on how to improve the performance of graduates, to promote quality delivery of their job services and to build a strong alumni fraternity.


  • To identify and communicate good practices for graduates in community relations and organizational management.
  • To develop visions of graduates to optimize their individual contribution to self –sustainable development. 
  • To look at areas where solutions may be needed to support graduates to self - sustainable development.
  • To build student’s confidence, skills, and ability in what they have learned and practiced thereby creating a strong relationship between the graduates with different stakeholders, employers, and job
  • To address the different challenges associated with job seeking and job creation by training students CV and Application writing skills, employment strategies and attending to an interview, professional and basic communication
  • Re-energize the students the fields in the abilities, knowledge, and skills they have gained from UCU

The participants will also have the opportunity to interact with the different heads of government, nongovernmental organizations, powerful individuals who employ graduates, and entrepreneurs, to discuss different issues, skills, and abilities while looking for or creating a job or getting employed.


  • Staff from Uganda Christian University
  • Finalists from all the University Faculties  (Main & Kampala)

Annual Year Weeks:

  • Easter Semester 

13th - 17th March 2017 - Main Campus & Kampala Campus.

17th March 2017 Finalist Corporate Seminar

  • Trinity Semester

10th - 14th July 2017 - Kampala Campus.

14th Finalist Corporate Seminar

10th - 14th July 2017- Main Campus.

14th Finalist Corporate Seminar

  • Advent Semester

16th - 20th October 2017 - Kampala Campus.

20th Finalist Corporate Seminar

23rd - 27th October 2017 - Main Campus.

27th Finalist Corporate Seminar