Two weekends ago I was at a local Church service enjoying the sermon of the senior pastor when I caught sight of his associate chewing gum! Minutes later, the senior pastor called him to the pulpit to clarify a few things, and he did so, still chewing.

I kept thinking about his unbecoming manners. What Bible college did he attend which did not emphasize communication in public?

I came away thinking that people ought to be re-taught manners and etiquette. I hope someone reading this will benefit from it and contribute to a better quality of humanity.

Way back in my infancy, I once chewed gum at night, for fear of my young brother stealing or hiding it from me by morning. Little did I know what the consequences would be - my hair paid dearly as the nightly indulgence stuck to it and it had to be shaven off!

So before we unwrap that delicious treat and then go on to irritate everyone around you, enter into gum trance and forget that there is a whole world around you, imagine yourself chewing gum and walking at the same time. Where is your concentration?

If you must chew gum, do it quietly and respectfully. From my example at Church, it only became an issue for me when it became a distraction. Had the gum chewing been outside Church, I probably wouldn't have noticed.

Avoid chewing gum at work or any professional meetings. It is not uncommon to see many students chew gum during lectures and Church.  Be very cautious because you could be chewing before your next employer. In any working and professional environment, you will have a more polished look without the chewing gum.

What about home?It is gravely disrespectful to be chewing gum while carrying on a conversation with elders. The elders grew up in times when gum chewing was considered vulgar. While with your peers at home, chew gum with a closed mouth.
While chewing gum – or anything else for that matter, there should not beany noise whatsoever.

Finally, nobody will take you seriously with a mouthful of bubble gum, as you engage in conversation.